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Primary Planning Presentation

Primary Planning Presentation


On Wednesday September 28 and on Thursday September 29, teachers and coordinators will present the primary ...

Early Years Coffee

Early Years Coffee


This morning we had our yearly Early Years Coffee Morning, with the parents of Early Years ...

Early Years

At the beginning of the school year our main concern is to ensure that the younger children feel welcome and at ease in their new environment, while at the same time giving support to the slightly older children to help them settle back into the school routine smoothly. We encourage them to follow the rules and to play sensibly with their friends, old and new.

Primary School

The primary school is a place where students are encouraged to learn and grow. Our daily objective is to offer a high standard of education with the child’s needs as a focus. We strive to create a joyful, creative environment whilst stimulating students’ natural inclination towards curiosity and learning. Spanning five years, the primary school provides a safe and familiar environment in which the children can develop and grow with security and confidence. We want our pupils to smile when they enter the door, knowing that they will be treated with respect and encouraged to do their best on a daily basis.

Secondary School

The passage from the primary to the secondary educational programme is a very delicate moment for the students. Being aware of this and working closely with the teachers, we promote an environment full of serenity and progressive growth. As the students face a new course, we support them with several didactic tools, some very innovative, and the teachers are constantly updated and trained in them. Our objective is to equip the students with the best knowledge in each subject, focusing on the English language.

High School

La scuola secondaria offre il proseguimento dell'iter di istruzione finora seguito. Si continua a studiare in inglese, i ragazzi ora hanno un numero di insegnanti maggiore, imparano nuovi argomenti e vengono preparati gradualmente alla scuola superiore.


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