February-May courses of Mucca Dancesport

We are pleased to announce that the second Mucca Dancesport course will start in February The courses will be run by Stefan Green and Domenico Aliberti, internationally qualified teachers and world championship finalists. The ‘Mucca Dancesport Method’ aims to improve motor skills, coordination, rhythm, socialization skills as well as learning basic dancing movements to music. Dancesport… Read more February-May courses of Mucca Dancesport

Smiling around the world

The relationship between students and teachers at Smiling is definitely one of the strengths of our school: which is why we are proud to share this picture of our former art teacher, Gabriella Giuliani, a now employee of the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, meeting up with our former student Giulia Poretti!

Carnival Cakes and Sweets

During Carnival time look out for very naughty, but extremely nice,  carnival pastries in our local bakeries. Each region has its own name for them, so it can get a little confusing but here is a general guide to help you out:: Chiacchiere or Crostoli (also known as Frappe, Bugie,Cenci or Sfrappole) are sheets or ribbons… Read more Carnival Cakes and Sweets

Carnival in Venice

“Every men lie but if you give them a mask they will be sincere” – Oscar Wilde 27th January – 13th February The Venice carnival is famous world-wide and is a ‘must’ whilst staying in Ferrara. It gets very crowded especially at weekends, but don’t be put off as there is always something magic about celebrating… Read more Carnival in Venice

Ferrara’s Renaissance Carnival

Carnevale degli Este – Lucrezia Borgia Introduction on Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th February Main events on Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd March This year’s Carnival is dedicated to Lucrezia Borgia one of the most intriguing and important duchesses of Ferrara. The theme for this year is the natural world: plants, trees, flowers and fruits.… Read more Ferrara’s Renaissance Carnival