October 2017

Festival del Ciclista Lento Saturday 28th October A bike festival dedicated to the slowest cyclists! Everyone is welcome to participate. Cyclists will meet at 11 a.m. in Piazza Ariostea and leave at midday. The idea is to ride 6KM in 6 hours around Ferrara and enjoy the sights! The slowest cyclist will get to wear… Read more October 2017

Primary Planning presentations

Here the calendar of the Primary Planning Presentation The meeting will be in the classes and will start at 16.50   1st grades Giants&Titans Mercoledì 4 ottobre 2nd grades Unicorns&Phoenixes Mercoledì 4 ottobre 3rd grades Amazons&Cockatoos Giovedì 5 ottobre 4th Grades Leopards&Tigers Martedì 3 ottobre 5th Grade Martedì 3 ottobre