Primary KS1 Planning presentations

Wednesday October 2nd there will be the presentation of the annual schedules of the first and second classes of primary school 16.45 – Caterina will receive you in the Lunch Room to introduce the new school year. 17.15 – The teachers will receive you in the classrooms to illustrate the curricula. You can request babysitting… Read more Primary KS1 Planning presentations

Refresher course

We are happy to inform you that the Refresher Courses is back! The course, led by our teachers, is for 2nd Grade and 3rd Grade children and aims to give them the opportunity to review the main notions acquired this year, in a fun way which engages them. The first module will take place from… Read more Refresher course

From Ferrara to Madagascar

Yet another year we have been able to donate to the College Prive Sacre Coeur, the mission in Madagascar we have supported in the past, which looks after abandoned children and takes care of their education. Here a short video from the school!

5th Grade Graduation

Today we had the Graduation Ceremony for 5th grade! We hope they had the best time at Smiling and that they will continue having fun studying and succeeding in life!

Celebrating Carnival in Porta Mare

On Tuesday 5th March the Primary and Butteflies celebrated Carnival together with a special assembly in the garden. The children worked in their house teams to decorate characters from the Carnival.  

Technology and future jobs

Our school has recently acquired a 3D printer, a machine able to produce three-dimensional objects. The way it works is by interpreting a three-dimensional digital model, which is built with a specific software that first processes and then sends printing instructions to the printer via a WIFI connection. The machine then builds the prototype by… Read more Technology and future jobs

March 2019

Carnival Time! For more detailed information about Carnivals, please see our previous newsletter or visit our webpage. Here are some reminders of Carnival dates: Ferrara’s Este Carnival 2nd & 3rd March Cento’s Carnival 3rd & 10th March Comacchio’s Carnival 3rd March Ravalle’s Carnival 24th February & 3rd March at 2.30 p.m. Palazzo dei Diamanti –… Read more March 2019