Ferrara and its surrounding area was built on what was originally swampland and whilst the swamps were drained the local mosquito inhabitants seem to have evolved to become the size of cats! There are different types of mosquitoes, none of which are life-threatening, but they can leave nasty itchy bumps and love foreigners in particular!

They begin to appear with the first signs of hot weather (early May) and disappear eventually with the arrival of cold weather (end of October). They can be found during the day as well as at night, not just in the early evening.

As soon as the mosquito season arrives all the supermarkets and chemists begin to stock a variety of family friendly sprays, creams, wipes and plug-in machines for every occasion both indoors and outdoors. 

During mosquito season always put on a citronella bracelet or skincare product before going to a park or sitting in the garden even if it is daytime.
Always carry a set of the wet wipes or spray in your bag just in case, especially if you go out in evening for dinner. There is nothing worse than being bitten under the table while eating a pizza! Invest in a set of anti-mosquito plugs* for your house which come with a refillable liquid and can be plugged in all day and night and are truly effective for up to two weeks! You can guarantee that if you don’t use something the mosquitoes will get you while you are sleeping! Try the rather smelly but still effective “zap” plug in boxes with refill squares that can be plugged in around the house (although they should not be left on for long periods of time). The supermarket Ipercoop also sells a variety of citronella products for the garden including adult and children’s citronella bracelets, candles and spirals which work quite well and can be found in the gardening section. 

Autan Family Care (sprays and creams for the skin)
Vape derm 100% vegetable (spray)
Vape derm herbal (spray or wet wipes)
Vape derm herbal dopo puntura (soothing cream for if you have been bitten)

Vape diffusore (plug in box for which you can buy refill tablets for indoors)
Vape piastrine (refill tablets which come with different perfumes or without any odour at all which is better)
*Raid “night and day” presa anti zanzara (plug- in liquid which can be left on all the time and works for nearly two weeks)

Useful Vocabulary & phrases
Zanzara – mosquito
Pizzicotto di zanzara – mosquito bite
Inodore – unperfumed
Presa – plug
Crema dopo puntura – after cream care
Salviette anti puntura – Mosquito repellent wet wipes
Vorrei un prodotto anti zanzara, per favore” – I’d like a mosquito repellent product, please
Sono stato/a punto da una zanzara e vorrei uno spray/una crema dopo puntura” – I’ve been stung by a mosquito and I would like an after care spray /cream