Individual parents-teacher meetings

From 9th April there will be the individual parents-teacher meetings for Primary School.

Monday 9th April: 3rd Grade Amazons – Cockatoos (in Porta Mare)

Tuesday 10th April: 4th Grade Leopards – Tigers and 5th Grade (in Via Roversella)
Angela Barioni is available to meet the parents of 4th Grades also on Friday 13th.

Wednesday 11th April: 1st Grade Giants and 2nd Grade Phoenixes (in Porta Mare)
Elena Berveglieri will be available to meet the parents of Giants also on Friday 13th.

Thursday 12th April: 1st Grade Titans and 2nd Grade Unicorns ( Porta Mare)

Please schedule your appointment on the notice boards which will be displayed at the school entrance from 5th April (both in Corso Porta Mare and in Via Roversella), ticking if you need a translator.