Smiling International School has two campus in Ferrara; the Early Years and the first two classes of Primary School are in Corso Porta Mare 117, while the last three years of Primary School, the Secondary School and the High School are in Palazzo Gulinelli, an historic palace in Via Roversella 2-4.

On foot or by bike                                    

If you come on foot, an officer from the Polizia Municipale will help you and your kids to safely cross Corso Porta Mare both in the morning and in the afternoon. If you wish to reach us by bike, we placed bicycle racks both in Corso Porta Mare, right in front of the entrance, and in Via Roversella, inside the school yard.



In case you are unable to park directly in Corso Porta Mare, there are a few spots nearby where you can park your car.  You can either look in Via Mortara, or in the two parking areas along the city walls, Rampari S. Rocco and Viale degli Angeli.  

Via Roversella is inside an area where a written permit is required to have access, but you can park in Contrada della Rosa or Parcheggio Diamanti (in Via Arianuova) and reach the school after a brief walk. There are at least three spots close to via Roversella where you can safely leave your children in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon: the intersection between via Armari and via Roversella; the intersection between Via Borgo Leoni and Piazzetta Combattenti; and the intersection between Corso Biagio Rossetti and Via Dosso Dossi.