The Christmas Show

Christmas Show is surely one of Smiling’s most important events, an annual appointment you can’t miss. We all take part in it, from staff to teachers, from three years old children to high school’s pupils, and sometimes even ex students come back to help us. The whole school gives all its best to realize it, taking care of each detail. It’s our way to wish you a Merry Christmas!

Christmas Lasermapping show 2018

Sports Day

Every year in May the the whole school – teachers, pupils and parents – will meet at the CUS in Via Gramicia for Sports Day. There we organize races and games and have lunch together prepared by mothers, fathers and family members. After lunch, it will be time for the raffle, the races and the prize-giving!

Sports Day is a lovely day to spend together: We hope to see you all there next edition!

International Week

The International Week is a week entirely devoted to a single theme. The studens develop several projects and then show them to their parents on the World Book Day, the final day of the week. 

2017 edition of the International Week was titled L’IMPORTAN​TE È COMUNICARE.
During International Week, our students, from Early Years to Secondary School, studied different forms of communication. High School ​students participated in several ​workshops (translation, interpreting and Latin) and an interpreting tournament was organized for World Book Day. At the end of the week, like every year, families were invited to World Book Day.

2016 edition of the International Week was titled The Amazing UnknownAll classes took part in didactic activities looking at various mysterious experiences, from shadows, to transforming materials, to sounds and mysterious objects, and developed themes related to mystery like the Lockness monster, the discovery of the Similaun Man, the Nazca lines, the secret of the Middle Ages and the Victorian age enigmas. Each class had interdisciplinary workshops and inter-class projects. The International Week ended on Friday 13th May with our World Book Day celebrations in Via Roversella 2. The work of the students was displayed in the garden and parents were able to purchase some of the lovely handmade goods. 

Halloween party

In the Anglo-Saxon tradition Halloween it is a major event, and Smiling organizes for our older students a little party to celebrate this ancient festival in the most entertaining way possible! 

Easter Egg Opening Ceremony

Each year before Easter holidays, all school students gather in the garden for the traditional opening of the Easter egg, one of the most anticipated events for children! Smiling’s principal, Caterina, opens a huge chocolate egg and decided who will receive the prize inside it!