The Early Years classes at Smiling Service mark the beginning of a truly wonderful adventure for the children attending the school. Not only do they have the opportunity to learn and develop new skills in a loving and supportive environment, but they also come into daily contact with international cultures, languages and food, as the school prides itself on the international component of its day-to-day life. At the beginning of the school year our main concern is to ensure that the younger children feel welcome and at ease in their new environment, while at the same time giving support to the slightly older children to help them settle back into the school routine smoothly. We encourage them to follow the rules and to play sensibly with their friends, old and new.

– Happy Hedgehogs (2 years old)
– The Beehive: Busy Bees & Honey Bees (3 years old)
– Cool & Bright Caterpillars (4 years old)
– Lively & Bubbly Butterflies (5 years old)

Smiling Early Years school is in Via Porta Mare, 117. Happy Hedgehogs, Beehive and Caterpillars are on the ground floor, Butterflies are on the first floor with Primary classes.