During the year the children take part in many extracurricular activities, as well as trips and interdisciplinary projects. Here are some of the 2017-2018 projects:

Pen Pal Projects: starting from the first term, the children from 3rd Grade Cockatoos and Tigers will take part to an exciting Penpal Project with Adamstown Castle Educate Together National School in Dublin, where the teachers Lisa Hanlon and Maoliosa Quinn have taught for several years. Each child will be paired with a a child from two third classes in Ireland to exchange letters over the course of the year. The letters will contain information about what school and life are like for the children in both countries. Topics like favourite pastimes, subjects and food will be discussed too. Over the course of the year, the children will send and receive letters to and from peers of a similar age. The Irish school has a high muli-ethnic population with over forty-five nationalities respresented in the community, which will contribute to an interesting dialogue and points of discussion. The aim of the project is to engage the children in meaningful writing for a real ‘audience’. The children will be self-motivated to present their work carefully and to edit their work. They will also learn about the lives of children in Ireland and be able to compare and contrast them with their own.

Flipped Classroom: The Flipped Classroom is an instructional strategy that reverses the traditional learning environment by having the children learn independently (and together in groups) prior to the teacher explaining a new topic. The Cockatoos class experimented with this technique when they were learning about four scientists. Lisa provided each group with reading material and pictures based on the life of their scientist. The children had 1 hour to prepare as much information as possible and present it in a poster format. They presented what they had learned to the rest of the class. The other students took notes on the other three scientists while the children were giving their presentations. It was a fun way to learn!

Sifnal transduction lab: 4th Grade Leopards visited the research laboratory at the former Sant’Anna Hospital. The class, led by the researcher Carlotta Giorgi, has embarked on a journey inside the cell. The children recognized the various intracellular organelles as nucleus, mitochondria and endoplasmic reticulum, thanks to the use of a microscope. 

Cockatoos presentations: the Cockatoos began giving oral presentations in English. They presented their chosen topics from History, Geography, Science or ‘Free Choice’.  Some children chose to present for the Titans and Unicorns classes also. They were fantastic!

CIRIPO project in Giants: The project consists of two phases; the first part consists in reading the story of Ciripò, understanding it and writing about students own experiences. The second part focuses on the artistic representation of different emotions. 

“The book of indescribable things” (2nd grades ): The project aims to move children’s curiosity and to train their writing skills through the study and practice of unusual topics such as boredom, curiosity… At the end of the project each child will have created his own personal booklet with different explanations of the topics covered. 

3D MAPS: the inter-class project 3D map produced by Giants and Phoenixes was designed to link urban landscapes in geography, maps and Ferrara over time in History. This project also links English, geography, art and history. In addition to these academic objectives, the project allowed the children to engage in teamwork, communication, problem solving and practical skills. The work encouraged children to try new ideas, to learn from their mistakes and to share skills with their friends, which in turn increased self-esteem and collective pride in a job well done.

Pirate project: Titans and Phoenixes joined together for a Pirate Fun afternoon. Phoenixes made Pirate eye patches for Titans, and Titans made beautiful parrots for Phoenixes. The Pirate Fun Project linked Geography, English and Music. In Titans the children made treasure maps and Roy kindly taught the children how to dance to The Sailors’ Hornpipe and other Sea Shanties (the pirates’ favourite tunes) and the children had to keep to the rhythm that increased in speed.

Trips 2017/2018


La linea del 20 e la linea del 100

Smiling International School is the first school in Italy to use the intuitive analogue method in English.