Ogni classe della Primaria a Smiling International School è guidata da un team di insegnanti qualificati. Lavorano insieme per creare lezioni stimolanti per i bambini sia in italiano che in inglese. In un ambiente così internazionale, le abilità linguistiche e di autonomia sono fondamentali. La nostra scuola si arricchisce di alunni provenienti da tutto il mondo, consentendo loro di sviluppare amicizie internazionali e interculturali.

Incontri Genitori-Insegnanti 2020-2021

Gli appuntamenti hanno una durata di 15 minuti ciascuno. E’ possibile prenotarsi inviando una e-mail ad admin@smilingservice.it per I e II elementare, info@smilingservice.it per III, IV e V elementare.

Il nostro Team 


Angela Barioni


Started at Smiling in 2012
Position: Italian teacher and Primary coordinator

“I love working with children and encouraging their curiosity. I like to see how they grow up and their enthusiasm to learn is the best reward I can get!”

Elisa Mori per sito

Elisa Mori


Started at Smiling in 2010
Position: Primary teacher and Key Stage 1 coordinator

“I love how curious and eager the children are to learn. Their enthusiasm motivates me to always find new teaching methods to satisfy their learning needs.”


Giulia Scabbia

Started at Smiling in 2011

Position: Class teacher

“What I like most about my job is that every day is very different, there is no day like another.”


Giulia Folli

Started at Smiling in 2014

Position: Class teacher

“What I like most about my job is helping all children to grow and see how they improve.”


Polina Ivanova

Started at Smiling in 2015

Position: Class teacher

“I love teaching because it is about building trusting relationships with the students. Every day is different and every child is unique. I enjoy the time I get to spend in the classroom.”


Elena Berveglieri

Started at smiling in 2017
Position: Italian teacher

“I love to see how every child choose his own path and grows. I like to see how they develop their own personalities and interests, inspiring me with their imagination and creativity.”


Giulia Bottura

Started at smiling in 2016. 
Position: Italian as a foreign language teacher

“I love my job! I love speaking to children, creating  projects with them, seeing their imagination in action and knowing different cultures and traditions from foreign students.”


Shirley Louise Browne

Started at Smiling in 2010
Position: English, maths, science, ICT, art and gym teacher

“I love the freedom to be creative and to teach through a variety of methods.  The children at Smiling are very bright and extremely enthusiastic and that inspires me which, I hope, leads me to inspire them in return. We have a lot of fun learning together.”

Karli Headshot

Karli Drinkwater

Started at Smiling in 2019

Position: Geography, History, ICT and English Library teacher.

“Seeing children grow and transform is a privilege. I love helping them to embrace new challenges and to become responsible citizens of the world.”


Chiara degli Esposti

Started at Smiling in 2012
Position: English teacher

“Who dares to teach must never cease to learn.”


Roy Frederick Davison

Started at Smiling since 2013
Position: Music teacher

“The thing I love about teaching is seeing children enjoy learning and helping them understand and appreciate every form of music. In this school my dream is possible and I love my job.”

Andrew Findlater

Andrew Findlater

Started at Smiling in 2018
Position: Maths, History, Geography and ICT teacher

“I love learning new information and skills – especially mathematical concepts and historical periods – that I can share with my students.”

Bernadett Piskolti

Bernadette Piskolti

Started at Smiling in 2017
Position: Art teacher

“Besides the open-mindedness of students, I like the friendly atmosphere and seeing my colleagues’ great enthusiasm for teaching.”


Stefan Maben Green

Started at Smiling in 2012
Position: Gym teacher

“Helping children learn about their abilities and overcome their obstacles.”


Anna Barboni

Started at Smiling in 2020
Position: Gym teacher
“What I love most about my job is having the chance to see children grow up day after day. I can see their improvements, their imagination and their curiosity when they learn something new”.

Daniel Scortini


Marzia Filippini

Started at Smiling in 2019
Position: Chinese teacher
I like my job because I think putting efforts in educating children well means working at a great future society, where they can be happy and they can let other people feel happy.

Rainey Robert


Lucia Quadraruopolo