Smiling is committed to offer an excellent preparation in cheerful, joyful and colorful rooms  in order to stimulate in children as well as incorporating technology into the daily life of our classrooms as much as possible. In the awareness that for our users school is an essential point of reference, we try to maintain a calm atmosphere. The most ambitious goal of an educational community is the well-being of those who live there on a daily basis. Our young people need to smile when they come to school, and this can only happen in an environment where there is harmony.

Our aim is to prepare our students for their futures by providing a solid education which nurtures their social, emotional, and cognitive development. By educating the whole child, we encourage them to become critical thinkers and problem solvers while simultaneously nurturing their sense of being. The school is in line with the European standards. We provide an engaging and stimulating environment for our students, which enables them to benefit from optimal learning conditions while developing in a serene, and open-minded atmosphere.