Smiling High School is accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research. Our aim is to create the perfect blend of Italian and European scholastic traditions. Therefore, in full compliance with the requirements of the Italian Ministry, we have succeeded in providing an international and innovative school environment to guarantee the success of our students.


  • Italian high school diploma
  • In-depth knowledge of Italian curricula
  • International language certifications in English, Spanish and Chinese (C2, C1, B1 Qcer Lingue)
  • Complete mastery of languages (Italian, English, Spanish, Chinese) in different social and professional settings
  • Preparation for university either in Italy or abroad
  • Development of an independent and critical awareness
  • Advanced technological skills
  • Development of citizenship skills
  • Attitude to analysis and summary
  • Critical skills
  • Open mindedness

We place the greatest importance on the scientific subjects, along with languages. Maths, Physics, Science and IT are taught through a method based on problem solving and the development of creative thinking. One of the targets we focus on is the development of the ability to systematically categorise conceptual units in a logical/mathematical way, reinforcing critical judgement. The science curriculum has been designed specifically to allow students to qualify for entry to the scientific faculties of universities.

In order to become truly independent, the students study critical thinking, through which they learn to doubt their own knowledge, deeply rooted ideas, convictions and the beliefs surrounding them. This activity helps them to acquire conceptual tools typical of philosophy, which they study from the third year onwards.

High School timetable