Smiling International School  is one of the 100 schools in Italy to have been chosen to test the so-called ‘liceo breve’ or four-year programme, starting from the school year 2018-2019.
Our programme is based on several fundamental choices:
  • Syllabus content spread over a four-year period, following the guidelines set down in the ‘Indicazioni Nazionali per il Liceo Linguistico’ 
  • 33-hour week
  • 2 totally new subjects
  • Lessons taught in English
  • Regular seminars
  • Two terms, each divided into two two-month periods
  • Certification of language skills by external examination boards
  • European Computer Driving Licence
  • Philosophy of inclusion
  • Innovative teaching methods, using international methodology and technology
  • Liaison with state and private academic institutions
  • Self-assessment group which includes external figures, with a view to evaluating how the experimentation is progressing in absolute and comparative terms
All subjects are taught in English from the 1st year through to the final year, with the exception of the other three languages taught in Italian, Spanish and Chinese respectively. 
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