School Environment

Caterina Azzini, Principal

We believe that we should welcome our pupils not only on the first day of Nursery School or when they transition from Primary to Secondary School. Our pupils should feel welcome each and every time they step into the school, from the moment they first visit it to the end of their learning path with us.

A constructive atmosphere is of central importance in achieving this goal. Mild-mannered, enthusiastic and understanding teachers with a firm but encouraging approach, combined with a warm and stimulating setting, will make every pupil feel at home during school hours. Moreover, each school employee must be a positive role model while being available and accommodating with students seeking advice or mentorship.

The concept of aesthetics – elements that convey a sense of beauty without hollow trimmings – is critical during education; furniture and equipment should never give the impression of being drab or dull, but instead must stimulate curiosity and create a familiar environment.
Pupils spend most of their time at school, and it is our duty to make them feel like it’s their home away from home.

Language Project

The Italian curricula are taught in English by our highly qualified teachers, while there are a number of Italian lessons each week depending on the class the pupils are in. During these lessons the teachers focus on the correct use of language and make sure the pupils have apprehended the topics they were taught in English. Students who are not native speakers will instead attend separate lessons with the aim of improving their Italian and, eventually, reach the level of their peers.
Each student is different and thus has the right to a personalized learning path that has to be agreed upon by teachers and parents together, while being compatible with the policies and programs of the school.

Genuine culture will take root and blossom when nurtured by joy, curiosity and fulfilment.