Musica Maestro!

musigiochiamoToday Early Years and Primary will start a music project that will continue until November 30th, in collaboration with Katja Todorow Britton

MUSIGIOCHIAMO (Beehive and Caterpillars): pre-school age is a perfect time to give the opportunity to children to “feel” music as a natural form of expression. With MUSIgiochiamo children will explore movement (developing the concept of rhythm), sing ( developing their own voice, its sounds and rhythms) listen to music (developing listening skills) and read stories (developing their imagination and creativity) . In this way children grow emotionally, acquire a greater lexical autonomy, learn to identify and express feelings evoked by music and develop the perception of themselves both as an individual and as part of a group. This musical journey evolves hand- in-hand with the children as they grow and develop. The teacher will start by using elements very close to children’s daily activities and then she will gradually introduce more and more musical elements as the project develops. At each meeting with the children the importance of “repeating” particular rhythms, melodies and games is fundamental as these activities become a natural and well-known element of the project.

Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev (2nd and 3rd grade) and L’Histoire de Babar by Poulenc (Butterflies and 1st grades): following the principle of presenting music as a language and a source of emotions, describing colors and images the two workshops start by listening to the narration of the two stories before moving on to look at their musical compositions. The power and importance of music as a means of telling a story will be explored from the expressive, descriptive and emotional point of view, as well as listening to the instrumental characteristics. The children will carry out a variety of activities such as; acting, mime, dance and drawing linked to these two fairy tales.

Listening guide to Ferrara Concerts (4th and 5th grades): the project is aimed at introducing the students to musical instruments such as keyboards, woodwind, brass and string instruments; to analyse the main musical forms; to understand the different aspects of instrumental ensembles and historically contextualize concerts. Then students will analyse different genres (chamber music, symphonic, opera, folk music).

Katja Todorow, pianist, graduated from the Cherubini Conservatory in Florence, which has always been involved in the activity of concerts focused on chamber music and ensemble music.