Save the date!! Christmas Show & Movie

Save the date for the Christmas Show and Movie of Smiling International School December 20th: Christmas Show at Teatro Nuovo, 5 pm December 22nd: Christmas Movie Premiere at Teatro Nuovo, 5pm

Parents-Teachers Meetings

From 28th November there will be the individual parents-teacher meetings for Primary School. Monday 28th: 3rd Grades Leopards – Tigers (in Porta Mare) Tuesday 29th: 1st Grades Phoenixes – Unicorns (in Porta Mare) Wednesday 30th: 2nd Grades Amazons – Cockatoos (in Porta Mare) Thursday 1st December: 4th Grade e 5th Grade (in… Read more Parents-Teachers Meetings

Presentation Smiling Primary School

The Principal and staff would like to invite you to learn more about the Primary School provision at Smiling International School on Tuesday 8th November at 5.00 p.m. in Corso Porta Mare 117. There will be the chance to explore the school, meet the staff and learn more about our international curriculum. We look forward… Read more Presentation Smiling Primary School

The Chinese project in the Beehive

One of the projects for the Early Years School aims to introduce the children to the Chinese culture: the Beehive classes will watch with the teachers to some videos of traditional Chinese dances and then they are asked to reproduce what they saw with paper ribbons. During the dance the children follow the teacher’s instructions… Read more The Chinese project in the Beehive

Scratch course at Smiling!

Wednesday, October 26 begins in Via Roversella an afternoon computer course. The students – aged 8 to 13 years – will learn, guided by Paola Cirelli and Monica Mancini, to use Scratch, a program specifically for young children, free and open source. From 16:30 to 18:00. For information and registration please write to

Musica Maestro!

Today Early Years and Primary will start a music project that will continue until November 30th, in collaboration with Katja Todorow Britton MUSIGIOCHIAMO (Beehive and Caterpillars): pre-school age is a perfect time to give the opportunity to children to “feel” music as a natural form of expression. With MUSIgiochiamo children will explore movement (developing the concept… Read more Musica Maestro!

The Chinese project in Butterflies

This year our students of Early Years will participate in a project to introduce children to the Chinese culture. The Butterflies classes listened to a classic Chinese tale, singing and dancing along with the music. The teacher then reproduced the fairy tale with objects created by children.