Mini/Micro BASKET and Psicomotricity


BASKET and PSICOMOTRICITY courses for 2019/2020 are starting at the Smiling Gym, in cooperation with SCUOLA BASKET FERRARA ASD

  • Micro/Mini basket lessons (for children born between 2012 and 2014) will be held every Monday and Wednesday from 4:35 pm until 5:35 pm 
  • Psicomotricity lessons (for children born between 2015 and 2016) will be held every Friday  from 4:35 pm until 5:35 pm 

The coaches from Scuola Basket Ferrara Asd are avaliable for any further information you might need. The first trial lesson will be free.

psicomotricity Serena Boscolo +39 340 7240267

basket Silvia Casoni +39 338 8029559

manager Daniele Bonora +39 392 6261055