Updates from Madagascar

Solidarity, empathy and sharing are just some of the emotions that our friends from far away want to show us in these unusual times. 

Some students from the Sacred Heart School of Madagascar, which Smiling has been supporting for some time, thought to send us something to chase our cares away and to give us a boost of positivity.

A kind thought that reminds us that, sometimes, a single word spoken by a smiling child is worth more than a thousand empty words. 

Come on Italy! Come on Smiling!


This show of solidarity comes all the way from Madagascar with good news. Work on the installation of the solar panels has begun! After the first inspection was carried out on March 23rd, the installation of solar panels was officially completed on April 24th 2020. 

The plant made some changes after they encountered some initial problems. The most important was the reconstruction of all the power lines between various buildings. This was the first step of the project, which started on April 6. It saved power, largely as a result of preventing leakages in the ground. Now, the system adheres to the standards required, in terms of safety.

The main problem stemmed from unusual and varying voltages. The search for the failure appeared rather complex and the system appeared compromised. A check on the energy supply showed an imbalance; a very serious safety issue. Once the situation was resolved, the entire plant was checked again and then it was possible to proceed with the following phases of installation.

The biggest obstacle in the construction of the solar panels is the lack of materials. Unfortunately, there are no electrical equipment shops and they are completely missing a series of essential components. 

The next stage will be to work on the roof, laying the first panels. The goal is to complete the installation and make it fit for use. The project continues…

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