Creating Future Journalists: 8th Grade Smiling Students Write for Ferrara Newspaper

Students of class 8B from Smiling International School have made their writing debut in the Ferrara newspaper, Il Resto del Carlino.

They chose the hidden gem, the city’s Jewish Cemetery, as the focus of their article and applied their reportage skills in both Italian and English.

In class, they studied the structure and format, as well as the concise language used in news reports. Once they had learned the theory of article writing, students worked in groups to produce this published piece.


Smiling English teacher, Lexi Pardee, said: “Students worked hard to keep their ideas brief and interesting. 8B is extremely proud to see themselves published in the paper and feel that their hard work has paid off.”

This project presented a real-life challenge to the students. Eleonora Morelli, also an English teacher at Smiling, said that they had studied these skills for a Cambridge writing exam, which prepared them well for this opportunity.

“Often, students fail to see connections between their school syllabus and what is awaiting them in their future life. This project shows them how tangible and relevant their studies are,” she said.

Not only did they transfer what they had learned in the classroom into an authentic newsroom scenario, they showed great teamworking skills. Ms Morelli said: “I’m certainly proud of their achievements, not just for their effort, but for how they worked in groups and organised themselves.”

For the Italian part of the article, Italian teacher Giada Zerbini said: “The students have always been very motivated and this project has given them the opportunity to use their skills.

“They have been autonomous, have worked in groups and each of them has made their own contribution. I consider myself lucky to have participated in this project.”

Cecilia Vicentini also collaborated on the Italian writing. She said: “It was a useful initiative to look at writing and culture with a professional approach rather than to just get a grade in class.

“I am very happy to see their efforts published in the newspaper but above all, I am happy thinking about their smiles and their satisfaction for having achieved something great together!”

Preparing our students for their future lives with real-world teaching is at the heart of what we do. We are so proud to see them working independently and already standing out in a competitive work environment.

To read their full article on Il Resto del Carlino’s site, click here.


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