Buskers Festival

24thAugust – 1st September
6 p.m. to midnight
Sunday 1st September: 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.
This is a festival not to be missed! Over a thousand musicians and street artists from over thirt- five nations are invited to Ferrara Buskers Festival. The town centre’s streets and piazzas come alive in the summer evenings with a variety of international music performed by soloists as well as duets, quartets and groups.
Explore Ferrara’s historical streets and simply follow the sound of music! Meet acrobats, jugglers and street performers along the way but beware as late evenings and weekends can become very busy with streets packed with visitors from all over the world. Try some of the quieter back streets as well as the popular piazzas to really appreciate this festival.

Giostra del Monaco

22nd August – 1st September
Viale IV Novembre, Baluardi della Fortezza
Events start at around 6.30 p.m. every day
On Saturday and Sunday the soldiers’ encampment is open in the morning
This is an eleven-day festival where you can travel back in time and taste what life was really like in medieval times. The festival takes its name from a jousting- game, which can be seen here, whereby knights compete to hit the central target – representing one of the Ferrara’s sworn enemies “Il Monaco” (the Monk) – whilst on horseback.

Walk amongst a medieval encampment and meet soldiers, knights and maids. Watch sword fighting and archery competitions. Enjoy medieval music, theatre and dancing whilst sampling medieval beer and other delicacies. There are also workshops for children, storytellers, jugglers and a medieval market.

For further details of events and time go to: www.sagreinemilia.it

Un Fiume di Musica

Via Darsena 57, Palazzo Savonuzzi
Aperitifs & music every Thursday from 7 p.m. onwards
Admission: free

1st August
Four Grass (Country, Bluegrass)

8th August
D’altro Canto (Italian and international songs in jazz style)

15th August
AMF Ensemble

Nena Motor Boat Excursions:

Aperitif at sunset on the Po River
2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th August, 7.30 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Departure from San Paolo dockyard, Via Darsena 57, Ferrara

Other Excursions:

Saturday 3rd August – Off to Zia Isa’s Farm
9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Saturday 10th August – Anzul delle Stelle sul Po Grande (Star gazing on the river Po)
9.30 p.m. – 11.30 p.m.

Sunday 4th, Sunday 11th, Saturday 17th, Sunday 25th August – A trip on the Po
10 a.m. – 12.30

Sunday 18th August – Celebrating the day of the River Po
From 4 p.m.-midnight
Music, exhibitions, workshops, readings and boat trips

Saturday 31st August – Cruise to Venice
7 a.m. – 5.30 p.m.

Please book: 347 7139988
Email: info@lanena.it
Website: www.lanena.it

Musica a Marfisa d’Este

Corso Giovecca, 170
Concerts start at 9.15 p.m.
Admission: Please make a donation. All proceeds will go to Ferrara’s association A.M.A. for Alzheimer. (www.amaferrara.it)

Summer Concerts in the delightful gardens of Palazzina Marfisa


Thursday 1st August
RINA CELLINI pianoforte
Mozart, Clementi, Debussy, Ravel

Friday 2nd August
Musiche di Matteo Fanni Canelles

Saturday 3rd August
Monika Brychtovà  soprano
Augustin Kuzela pianoforte
Bach, Puccini, Chopin, Verdi, Mozart

Sunday 4th August
Laura Trapani flauto, Matteo Sartori viola, Franco Sartori chitarra

Tuesday 6th August
Paolo Zentilin pianoforte
Haydn, Schubert, Debussy

Wednesday 7th August
Standard Jazz, Bossa Nova, canzone d’autore italiana

Thursday 8th August
Mara Paci soprano – Paolo Lazzarini pianoforte
Arie d’Opera, romanze e canzoni da Puccini a Morricone

Friday 9th August
Bessie Boni voce
Massimo Mantovani pianoforte

Saturday 10th August
Lucia Brighenti pianoforte
Schumann, Chopin, Liszt

Sunday 11th August
Francesca Marchi voce, Corrado Calessi pianoforte, Stefano Peretto batteria

Tuesday 13th August
Dvorak, Beethoven

Wednesday 14th August
Serata ALINERE, Tribute Band dei Nomadi

Thursday 15th August
Rina Cellini – Cristina Frazzoli
pianoforte  quattro mani
Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, Chopin

Open-air cinema at Parco Pareschi

Corso Giovecca, 148
The park opens at 9 p.m. Films start at 9.30p.m.
Tickets: 6 euros


01/08 Ricordi?, V. Mieli
02/08 Le invisibili, L. J. Petit
03/08 Il professore e il pazzo, F. Safinia
04/08 Book club, B. Holderman
05/08 7 uomini a mollo, G. Lellouche
06/08 Green book, P. Farrelly
07/08 Sulla mia pelle, A. Cremonini
08/08 Il gioco delle coppie, O. Assayas
09/08 Bohemian Rapsody, B. Singer
10/08 Il traditore, M. Bellocchio
11/08 Rocketman, D. Fletcher v.o. sott. ita
12/08 Juliet Naked, tutta un’altra musica, J. Peretz
13/08 L’amour flou – come separarsi e restare amici, R. Bohringer, P. Rebbot ANTEPRIMA
14/08 Il corriere – The mule, C. Eastwood
15/08 Old Man & the Gun, D. Lowery
16/08 Momenti di trascurabile felicità, D. Luchetti
17/08 Dolor y gloria, P. Almodovar
18/08 Il Verdetto – The Children Act, R. Eyre
19/08 Roma, A. Cuarón
20/08 A star is born, B. Cooper
21/08 Green book, P. Farrelly v.o. sott. ita
22/08 Wild rose, T. Harper ANTEPRIMA
23/08 La fattoria dei nostri sogni, J. Chester ANTEPRIMA
24/08 Bohemian Rapsody, B. Singer
25/08 La donna elettrica, B. Erlingsson

Food Fairs Continue…

San Carlo – Pumpkin Festival

8th – 18th August
Sports field, at 7.30p.m. (Sundays 12.30 &7.30 p.m.)
On 15th August lunch and dinner need to be booked beforehand
Pumpkin is a traditional vegetable used in Ferrarese cooking and this festival provides the perfect opportunity to taste a variety of dishes and discover its versatility and importance in Ferrara’s cuisine.

Malalbergo – Sagra dell’Ortica (nettle festival!)

29th, 30th& 31st August, 1st& 5th – 8th September
(Just outside Ferrara, towards Bologna) Piazza Primo Carlini
Stands open at 7p.m. (Sundays: midday – 7p.m.)
Have you ever tried eating stinging nettles? Malalbergo provides a historical menu of nettles cooked in a variety of ways. There are also lots of interesting things going on in the village too. It is on the way to Bologna, but not too far from Ferrara and is certainly worth a visit.

Casumaro – Sagra della Lumaca (snail festival)

1st-10th August
Sala Polivalente “Don Alfredo Pizzi”, Via Garigliano, 17,
Stands open at 7.30 p.m.
There is a very interesting menu based on snails as well as a traditional menu for those who are a little less brave!

Sagra dell’anatra

29th, 30th, 31st August & 1-8th & 12th – 15th September
Stellata, Via A. Gramsci, 293/C
Stands open at 7.30 p.m.
Enjoy a delicious menu of duck and a variety of home-made desserts

What’s on in Comacchio?

Comacchio by Night

2nd, 9th & 30th August
The streets of Comacchio come alive with music, markets and entertainment.

Buskers Festival in Comacchio

23rd August, 2019

Platea Cibis (Street Food)

24th – 26th August, 10 a.m. onwards
Porto Garibaldi, Via U. Bassi
Street foods and crafts from all over the world.

Festa dell’Ospitalita’ – Hospitality Festival

14th August, 7 p.m.
Porto Garibaldi
This is a lively festival created for tourists, to welcome them to the local area. It is full of singing and dancing, wine and fried fish. The event ends with a spectacular firework display.