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“My name is Andrea Pansini, I’m 26 years old and I am an industrial designer.

I have organised this collection of messages with the idea of showing the support of the whole population, as visibly and as directly as possible, to all health workers who are currently going through a time of extreme stress. These sentiments come from a group of people who may be especially considered as the most distant and disinterested; children and young people.


I am personally affected every day. My father, Giancarlo Pansini, oncologist surgeon and university professor, like almost all doctors and key healthcare workers, had to respond to the call of duty to solve problems related to the virus, but not only that, to save lives too. In such stressful situations and where the degree of responsibility cannot be fully understood unless you’re on the front line of fighting this, motivation, determination and a sense of humour can all understandably fall by the wayside.

So, I dedicated myself to inspiring people to express their gratitude through a thought, a dedication, a design or anything that comes from the heart, which could provide support and strength to those who are really saving us and risking their own lives in doing so.”

A heartfelt thank you to Smiling International School in Ferrara, who with the kind help of teacher Elena Berveglieri, has collected a great deal of emotional messages from the primary school children, and also to our friend Michele Bertoldi, who is engaged in the same initiative in Bologna.


Those are the moving words of young Andrea, who has allowed our school to take part in the wonderful charity: EROI IN CORSIA.

All pupils of Smiling Primary School have joined in with enthusiasm and, with the support of their teachers, have produced a collection of thoughts, messages, letters of encouragement to express their thanks to those who fight on the front line against COVID-19.

Available below in downloadable format is the poem entitled ‘INNO ALLA SPERANZA’ (HYMN TO HOPE) created by our third, fourth and fifth graders.





Just like Smiling, the team at Cona Hopsital #wontstop and it has moved to a digital space: the hospital created an online platform, where you can share your thoughts or messages. This will remain open for anyone who wants to upload any content, like our second graders did. Here’s a sneak peek at their efforts:

Hospital Project


All work by Smiling students have already been uploaded on the platform and will be availlable for viewers from Tuesday 14th April by clicking the link below:


We’re staying at home and together we’ll get through this.

Happy Easter everyone,