Detective Mystery: Crime in Literature and Cinema

We are excited to reveal what the seventh grade have been learning in their Italian lessons.

In this Long Distance Learning zone, we reveal how our teachers and students have continued to achieve success. Despite the difficulties imposed by lockdown restrictions, you can see the students have continued to put all their passion into their school projects.

With the support of their teacher, Paola Cirelli, students have been studying detective stories. They belong to one of the most popular literary genres. Lots of famous detectives found their origin in novels and short stories, written by authors such as Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie.

They not only found a “new life” in cinema but they also inspired the birth of new characters. Detective Colombo (Columbo) and Jessica Fletcher ( Murder, she wrote) are counted among the best known.

In this project, the students of both 7A and 7B read some short stories, watched movies and conducted research online. Their task was to compare and contrast popular detectives: Sherlock Holmes vs. Colombo and Miss Marple vs. Jessica Fletcher.

In class, the students shared their ideas and information, followed by a written essay and then a recorded oral presentation.

Take a look at some excellent examples here: