The transition from primary to middle school is one of the biggest a child will make. They are about to embark on a new period of growth and learn a new level of autonomy.

With that comes many challenges. One of them is simply: how do you study?

One of our amazing maestro’s, Paola Cirelli, created lessons to prepare them for this big step. She taught them how to develop a critical eye when reading texts; a skill they’ll need to master as they continue their education.

Here, we share with you her tips and interactive lesson on analysing ‘La nascita del pane’. As a class, the 5th grade collaborated and discussed their ideas.

So, how do we critique new information?

1) Information “at first sight”: how much can you understand about a text just looking at the title, the pictures and the source it comes from?

2) Careful reading.

3) Research of the main information.

4) Map.

5) Summary.


Want to see how this works in action? Then check out the interactive lesson here: https://www.gynzy.com/teach/en/board/46263752-53b1-4db4-8264-e99c347e2415