The three-year educational offer – PTOF – complies with the provisions of Art. 1 of Italian Law no. 107 of 13 July 2015. Our educational offer is based on the history and experience of Smiling School and defines the informative and educational programme that we offer the students.  The document covers the following areas:

  1. The strategic aims and identity of Smiling early years, primary, secondary and high school;
  2. The principles and actions for the development of the students’ skills in their school subjects and as citizens;
  3. Promotion of the students’ wellbeing;
  4. The principles and actions for the development of the educational community;
  5. Promotion of the organisational wellbeing and training of all the school’s personnel and those that interact with it;
  6. Internal and external communication;
  7. Curricular planning;
  8. Organisational planning and governance of the school.


The three-year plans for early years (FE1A09500E), primary (FE1E00100N), secondary (FE 1ME9500R) and high school (FEPLL35007) will follow.

Early Years School (FE1A09500E)

Primary School (FE1E00100N)

Secondary School (FE 1ME9500R)

High School (FEPLL35007)

Four Years High School (FEPLDM500L)