Alright, stop! Collaborate and listen, Smiling’s back with a brand new mission!

Our Keep, Keep Smiling Rap Video is now officially available for release. What joy you’ve all brought by taking part in this inspiring song. Now you can watch the video and feel all the warm and fuzzies from uniting with each other, even though we’re far apart.

Through this video, we have made history together. It’s a moment we will look back on in years to come; we will remember the fight we endured, the sacrifices made, the greatest kindness we could give to humanity. A time when we were separated from loved ones, when not hugging or kissing those we held dear became an act of love.

It’s been a hard and daunting time, perhaps there will be more hard times still to face… But when you are feeling blue, listen to our song, watch this video and ‘Keep, Keep Smiling’.

Spread the joy and share this video. It’ll make someone’s day!




Special thanks to Vanilla Ice.