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The Early Years classes at Smiling Service mark the beginning of a truly wonderful adventure for the children attending the school. Not only do they have the opportunity to learn and develop new skills in a loving and supportive environment, but they also come into daily contact with international cultures, languages and food, as the school prides itself on the international component of its day-to-day life. At the beginning of the school year our main concern is to ensure that the younger children feel welcome and at ease in their new environment, while at the same time giving support to the slightly older children to help them settle back into the school routine smoothly. We encourage them to follow the rules and to play sensibly with their friends, old and new.

Smiling Early Years school is in Via Porta Mare, 117. Happy Hedgehogs, Beehive and Caterpillars are on the ground floor, Butterflies are on the first floor with Primary classes.



2 years old

Busy Bees 

 3 years old


4 years old


 5 years old

All Early Years classes work on an annual project, which is based on activities that are planned to meet the objectives that can be found in the educational project. This topic aims to stimulate not only the children’s physical and emotional well-being but also the development of their intellectual capacities. The activities that make up the daily routine of the class not only give the children the opportunity to develop the ability to sequence the day, but also offer emotional security.
Throughout the year the school organises outings within the surrounding area: walks, trips, visits to museums, theatre shows, farm visits etc.

The Early Years children follow a tailor-built curriculum, based on the Italian and UK curriculum, enhanced with the ideas brought from afar from our international staff.

Each child’s progress is carefully monitored by the teachers, who create projects and activities to encourage the children to develop new and existing skills. Each day gives opportunities for child initiated play (gioco libero) and teacher-led structured activities, based on the following areas:

  • Personal & Emotional Development
  • Social Development
  • Language, Literacy & Communication
  • Numeracy Skills
  • Knowledge & Understanding of the World
  • Creative Development
  • Physical Development

Child’s Development

Observations are an important part of the work of the teachers. Each day the teachers observe the progress of each child and use photography and notes to document his/her development stages. The teachers then develop and create new learning contexts for the children according to the needs and interests of each child. Individual and group documentation is displayed on boards for parents to see, and around the class for the children to see and feel proud of their achievements. These displays are also used with the children as a tool for recalling events, sharing experiences and for developing language skills. When displays are changed the children can proudly take their work home and show their family. Photographic documentation is also put into a private class photo gallery for parents and children to look at together at home, encouraging children to share school experiences and create a link between home and school. Teachers are available each week for individual parents’ meetings to discuss each child’s personal development and to work together with their family to support their child.

Interactive Smartboards are an integral part of daily life in the Beehive, Caterpillars and Butterflies classes. Numerous possibilities are available for learning, through interactive games, Smartboard presentations, and the possibility to explore the world from the classroom.

All Early Years classes have one hour of music lessons per week, divided into two thirty minute sessions. The music lessons are taught by an English music teacher, who, where possible, links activities to the annual project and celebrations and cultural projects.

The gym is visited regularly by the children where they participate in a variety of activities, such as, races, obstacle course, ball and hoop games and develop a wide range of skills such as climbing, pushing and pulling, crawling, balancing, catching and throwing and so on. The children learn to move in different ways, to music and rhythms, with imagination and safety, increasing control, balance and co-ordination and using large and small equipment. The gym is also used for drama, dance, and road safety activities, helping to continually develop skills for listening to and following instructions.

From the very start of the school year we aim to build a special relationship between parents, home and the school. We provide particular moments in which parents can meet with teachers to follow their child’s education.

At the beginning of the year individual parents’ meetings are organized at the end of August before school starts. These are important meetings where both parents and teachers can exchange useful information about the child and the start of school to help him/her settle in happily. 

In October there is a General Parents’ Meeting for all the Early Years parents in which the teachers present the year’s planning, projects and other notices. Class representatives are also elected during this meeting.

In March there is another General Parents’ Meeting for all the Early Years parents in which the end of year trips will be presented along with other general notices. Parents can also hear about their child’s class progress and be kept up to date with class projects and other specific class news.

At the end of the year individual parent’ meetings are offered to everyone to talk about their child’s experience and to talk about any future queries.

Throughout the year the class teachers are available each week for individual parents’ meetings. Appointments can be made at the Office.

Early Years School Events

Early Years Coffee Morning: During the first week of September all the Early Years parents, classes and staff are invited to a coffee morning in the school garden. It is a lovely opportunity to get to know each other over a cup of coffee and a special snack.

Christmas Show:  Of course all the Early Years parents and relatives are invited to the Early Years’ Christmas Show!

International Week & Book Day:  All the Early Years parents and relatives are invited to come and see the children’s work, interactive garden and craft stalls during this exciting cultural week, celebrated throughout the whole school.

Sports Day: This is a whole school event which takes place at the end of May. All the parents are invited to join the school at C.U.S sports centre for a delicious lunch and to take part in parent races in the afternoon. The winner of the school house teams is also announced during this event.