Each lesson from the early years of the Smiling International School is led by a team of qualified teachers. They work together to create a stimulating environment for children, both in Italian and in English. In this international context, language and autonomy are fundamental. Our teachers come from Italy, Great Britain, Canada and America, which promote bilingual language development. The children are immersed in a world where Italian and English language teachers work together to create a harmonious atmosphere. Our children develop curiosity in ways of communicating, initially using gestures and then progressing in speaking. Our school is enriched by pupils from all over the world, who allow them to develop international and intercultural friendships.

Parent-Teacher meetings 2020 – 2021

Appointments last 15 minutes each. You can book an appointment by speaking to the Porta Mare Office directly, telephoning or emailing them at: admin@smilingservice.it

Our Early Years team

Deborah Ascani


Philippa Waterhouse


Laura Louise Bubola

Maria Angelica Casazza

Kim Marie Brewster

Beatrice Colombani

Roy Frederick Davison

Federica Lattuga

Chiara Mascellani

Cecilia Masina

Erika Ongaro

Barbara Tumiati


Marzia Filippini 

Stefania Grossi

Rosie Mence

Alessandra Pizzarulli