Smiling International School is the first and only school in Ferrara where the main language of instruction is English. It was born thanks to a passion and desire for an innovative didactic approach which would provide an education in line with the changing times and European standards. Students are at the center of the didactical projects, and we respect their individual inclinations. Our teachers work together with a lot of interdisciplinary projects: in addition to Italian, English, Math or Art, our primary school children study Computer Science, Chinese and Music.

Educational Target : we aim to

  • Teach the Italian ministerial program in English
  • Emphasize a global approach to education
  • Develop the students’ fluency in both English and Italian to a high level
  • Promote an inclination towards problem solving and critical thinking
  • Encourage creativity in music and arts
  • Develop students’ physical abilities and promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Stimulate the innate curiosity and desire for learning present in each child
  • Strengthen collaboration, dialogue and respect among students and the community both inside and outside of school