First grade is an exciting time in a young child’s life: it marks the beginning of an academic journey. It is a critical year for developing a positive approach towards school and learning. First grade classrooms are bright and colourful! They promote a love of reading, writing, maths and problem-solving skills. First grade children are encouraged to explore their world and make connections between different areas of their lives.

Welcome to First grade
First Grade Curriculum
Timetable Amazons
Timetable Cockatoos
Stationery required s.y. 2020-2021

In second grade, we focus on improving spoken and written language. During this year, children develop an interest in reading and deepen their mathematical, musical and artistic knowledge. They begin to collaborate and to help each other. They continue to strengthen their communication and problem-solving abilities in a stimulating and engaging environment.

Welcome to Second grade
Second grade Curriculum
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Stationery required s.y 2020-2021

Third grade is an exciting year in which new topics are introduced in many subjects. Students begin to explore their world from different points of view, as they develop a stronger sense of self. They improve their written work and narration of facts and events.

Welcome to Third grade
Third grade Curriculum
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Stationery required s.y 2020-2021

In fourth grade, students are enriched with new knowledge and critical skills. Grammar, mathematics, computer science and music are among the main subjects. What’s more, educational projects involve children and make them active participants in the learning process.

Welcome to Fourth grade
Fourth grade Curriculum
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Stationery required s.y 2020-2021


As the final year of primary school, fifth grade looks to promote academic and social growth. Students become more independent as learners and take increasing responsibility for their education. An integrated approach connects subjects of the curriculum.

Welcome to Fifth grade
Fifth grade Curriculum
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Stationary required s.y 2020-2021
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