Our programmes are designed to increase knowledge, enhance student’s understanding of the world, and develop their skills and the abilities needed to consciously participate in daily life. Through our educational programmes we seek to promote and encourage an international mentality and an inter-cultural awareness. We offer different disciplines, and our programs are interdisciplinary to give a global view of knowledge. Students must be responsible and increasingly autonomous.


Interdisciplinarity means to put aside the fragmentation of knowledge and “airtight compartmentalization” of the subjects, instead interdisciplinary teaching promotes a global, comprehensive view of all subjects. We ask students to reflect on what they have learned and to apply it in different contexts. Through this the students develop problem solving skills, the ability to work in a group and share opinions, and the ability to interpret the present in a critical way. Smiling desires that our students understand how a community can work together, thus we promote many group projects and activities.


While all of the the classes at Smiling Services are taught in English, we also teach Italian, Spanish and Chinese. Knowing multiple languages is fundamental for effective communication in a multicultural world, and students at the Smiling International School have the opportunity to explore various cultures through the study of different languages and their respective literature.