Roversella Campus

Classes are held in the historic Palazzo Gulinelli

Inspiring settings, motivated teachers and an environment primed to build success.


Our academic programmes are designed to increase knowledge and enhance understanding of the world. We guide students to develop the skills and abilities needed to succeed in life. We promote and encourage an international mentality and an intercultural awareness. What’s more, our programmes are interdisciplinary to give a global view of knowledge. Students move forward from secondary school responsibly and autonomously.


Interdisciplinary means teaching from a global view of all subjects. We ask students to reflect on what they have learned and to apply it in different contexts. Through this, the students develop problem-solving skills, the ability to work in a group  and to think critically.


While all classes at Smiling are taught in English, we also teach Italian, Spanish and Chinese. Knowing multiple languages is fundamental in a multicultural, globalised world. Our students explore various cultures through the study of different languages and their respective literature.