In Middle School classes begin at 8.15 am and end at 4.15 pm. Each lesson takes about 60 minutes. Teachers often do classes in clusters (eg, science and math), in order to give students a comprehensive understanding and knowledge. There is a morning break from 10 to 10.15 and a break for lunch from 1.20 pm to 2.20 pm.

The main subjects are English, Italian, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography, Spanish, Chinese, Computer Science, Economics, Technical Drawing, Civic Education, Art Education, Music Education and Physical Education.

Middle School Equipment List
Middle School Art Equipment List

Welcome to 6th grade! During this year we will examine, in depth, what was learned in primary school, while also broadening the student’s’ knowledge and interests in new subjects. Our task is to help students face new challenges, increase their responsibilities, and provide them with the tools necessary to learn and grow.

6th grade planning
6th grade timetable
6th grade books list

During this second year students continue to actively participate in school activities, they mature and expand their knowledge, and begin achieving higher level goals and ambitions. Thanks to the individual attention of the teachers, the students begin to recognize what they are most interested in and are encouraged to pursue their academic interests. 

7th grade planning
7th grade timetable
7th grade books list

During the last year of secondary school, students are preparing for the 8th grade final exam. They participate in workshops, extracurricular activities, and have the opportunity to take the appropriate level Cambridge English examination. 

8th grade planning
8th grade timetable
8th grade books list