Student council

ELECTION DAY – 19th October 2017:  a unique day in the history of Smiling International School. For the first time all students voted among several candidates to decide the members of the Student Council. This is a new High School institution completely organised by the students for the students: it is a voice of every grade (from 9th to 12th), it is a way to practice student leadership and spirit of initiative, it makes students live their internationality at a deeper level! Students will share ideas and actively organise High School events throughout the entire school year. Good luck to everyone!
Physics experiment with Sphero

We Business:  practical workshop in which our students create a project to be implemented using the concepts and methods of the business world (business plan, marketing strategy, promotion, pricing). A panel comprising representatives of the local business world chooses the winning project. Translation workshopguided by a professional translator, our students learn the art of one of the professions of the future. Grand opening K2

What is a Student Council?
Poster created by students for the Grand Opening of K2