Smiling High School’s teaching staff are passionate about their profession. They are rigorously selected on the basis of the following criteria:

  • In-depth knowledge of the subject they teach
  • Language skills
  • An ability to motivate students and build a genuine relationship with them

Teachers work together to nurture students’ talents based on the principles of cooperative learning. Our interdisciplinary approach means that all teachers collaborate while devising their own syllabus. This ensures a link between subjects, providing a holistic attitude to learning; a necessity in today’s connected world.

Parent-Teacher Meetings 2020-2021

Due to Convid-19 distance regulation Parent-Teacher Meeting will be mostly online, details will be given by October 19th. In the meantime, you can contact the Coordinator through the Roversella Office Email 


Our Team



Manuela Paltrinieri


Started working at Smiling in 2013.
Position: History, Human Thought and Citizenship teacher 
I teach History and Philosophy in Italian in the final years of high school, to provide students with specific 
knowledge about the birth and development of modern constitutionalism, intertwined with historical and human thinking  knowledge. 

Ian Browne

Started at Smiling in 2012
Position: DT Business teacher in Secondary School, business studies and Cambridge Advanced English teacher in High School

“I love the students’ enthusiasm to obtain new skills and knowledge that will assist them in succeeding in a competitive and globalised environment.”


Cecilia Bucci

Started at Smiling in 2018
Position: History, geography and PHSE teacher in Secondary School and history, philosophy and critical thinking teacher in High School

“I love working together with my students to improve our knowledge and our critical approach. What I love most is when they get really enthusiastic about a topic and get so involved that you learn from them while they learn from you.”


Rebecca Gilson

Started at Smiling in 2008.
Position: English language teacher

“I enjoy the challenge of trying to keep curiosity alive and motivating students to start taking responsibility for their own learning.”


Juan Manuel Criado Rodríguez

Started at Smiling in 2016
Position: Spanish Literature teacher

“What I like the most is to be a part of the students’ path at a crucial stage of their lives.”


Laura Lunghi

Started working at Smiling in 2016
Position: Science teacher

“I like being with the students and witnessing how those from different countries can become part of the group.  I like thinking that I can help making this happen every day.”


Francesca Marti

Started at Smiling in 2016
Position: Art teacher

“I really enjoy exploring different art themes and topics with my students, while at the same time encouraging critical analysis. I am inspired by their creativity and imaginative views.”


Francesco Massari

Started at Smiling in 2015
Position: ICT teacher

“I love my job: I want students to fall in love with what I’m teaching. I like to see them grow and become curious and independent men and women.”


Giada Zerbini

Started at Smiling in 2015
Position: Italian teacher

“​I love that my job allows real reciprocity, because teachers and students are ​growing and learning from one other.”


Michele Pancera

Started working at Smiling in 2017.
Position: Maths and physics teacher

“Teaching physics, mathematics and technical drawing is a contribution to the formation of a free and rational approach to problems… not only at school. So what I like the most about this job is the way I can contribute to make the future of our students a better one.”

Cecilia Vicentini (2)


Cecilia Vicentini

Started working at Smiling in 2017
Position: Italian teacher

“​I like to see the students’ smiling faces when they have done a good job!”

V. Buffa


Vito Buffa

Started working at Smiling: 2020
Position: Maths & Technical Drawing teacher (Secondary School), Maths & Physics teacher (High School)

“Getting young students to grasp the real meaning of the concepts and ideas behind Mathematics, Physics and Technical Drawing is a truly rewarding challenge.”



Maria Zangoni



Andrea Bergamini

Started working at Smiling: 2020

Position: Teacher of Philosophy and History
“I like my job because I both want and believe it is essential to pass on one’s own knowledge and passion to students, ‘pass the ball’ and not keep it only for yourself.  This mindset is fundamental to encourage them building up their personality and develop a constructive relationship with the others.”


Luisa Giusti

Started working at Smiling: 2018

Position: P.E. -Physical Education teacher 

“I choose this path to teach the importance of a broader, 360-degree vision of psycho-physical well-being and its continuous research, even in different meanings, in every moment of our life.”



Sofia Scattini



Barbara Pizzo

Started working at Smiling: 2019

Position: Italian Literature teacher

“I like my job because it allows continuous nourishment, vitality, reciprocity. It means emerging from the bidimensionality of the page thanks to the dialogue and co-building with students, for a conscious and critical approach to the texts.”