26th November, 15:00

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    Thank you for your interest in the Smiling High School Open Day.

    Smiling International High School offers a pioneering four-year linguistic-scientific programme and develops students that are equipped for a rapidly-changing world.

    Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will hold our High School Open Day online this year.

    You are invited to join us on Thursday 26th November at 15.00.

    About the Open Day

    Our principal, Caterina Azzini, will present from our stunning school premises in Via Roversella. You can learn about the programme, the curriclum and also see the historic surroundings on a virtual tour.

    There will also be some of our teachers on hand to answer your questions.

    If you’re a student and would like to ask our High School students what it’a like to study here, there’ll be a separate Q&A. No teachers or parents – just a chance for you to get answers to the questions you really want to ask.