Early Years Uniting Rainbows around the World

Look how far our rainbows have travelled the world!


We have been spreading the joy of our rainbows around the globe. Look at the distance they’ve journeyed in our map below! Have you sent them to a country not on the map? Let us know and we’ll keep it updated.


Want to know the story behind the colourful arcs of hope? Read on…

Through these strange and uncertain times, we look for ways to bring hope to each other and to feel closer. The Lively Butterflies and Bubbly Butterflies have found their rainbow through the storm by uniting with other schools internationally, to create colourful arcs of inspiration.

The Bubbly Butterflies teamed up with the Wyvern Class, Robert Sandilands Primary School in Newbury, England. The classes exchanged their rainbow designs and those by our Bubbly Butterflies even featured in the English school’s newsletter, spreading hope across the borders.

Meanwhile, HVS International School in Den Haag, Holland, joined forces with our Lively Butterflies and we loved receiving rainbows from our Dutch friends.

The Butterflies have been participating in a Skype project with these schools for years now and it warms the heart to know we can keep up the contact, despite all the troubles we now face globally.

The whole of Early Years united their rainbows to make these collages below and a video to send to other schools around the world.

If you haven’t watched our Rainbows of Hope video, check it out now! It makes us proud and stand strong.