Smiling From Home

What has it been like to learn from home? We’ve all been in our own bubbles: the teachers have been doing their best to prepare lessons that will engage and excite, even from afar. Meanwhile, the students continue to be valiant in their efforts to carry on through difficult circumstances.

It can sometimes feel like we’re alone, because we can’t see that our friends are in this with us too.

As a result, we’ve been hard at work here at Smiling, creating an online community that reflects the strength we feel when we walk through those school doors.

In Early Years, the team has been giving it their all to provide age appropriate activities, to spark their interest based on their likes and also taking into account all the different home situations. 

In this Smiling From Home project, the children united their photographs so that they can feel close to their friends and families. Through it, they can see that everyone is learning online, just like they are!

Videos and tutorials are great but sometimes the children want to see their friends. So, they’ve been holding live streaming classes and a Friday virtual chat where they can connect and play virtually.

Take a look at these photos for inspiration when you feel low on motivation. If these little faces can carry on, so can we!


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