Technology and future jobs

Our school has recently acquired a 3D printer, a machine able to produce three-dimensional objects. The way it works is by interpreting a three-dimensional digital model, which is built with a specific software that first processes and then sends printing instructions to the printer via a WIFI connection.

The machine then builds the prototype by superimposing layers of molten plastic that coincide with sections of the object itself. The thicker the scanning of the sections, the the thinner the layers will be. Consequently the print resolution will be higher and the quality and details of the product better.

The printer was purchased with the aim of bringing our students closer to the new technologies that will play a key role in the future. According to many estimates, by 2020 the millennials will make up one third of the workforce so they need to prepare to define their professional career . 
This generation is eager to use emerging technologies that could create a significant impact on our way of life, such as AM (Additive Manufacturing). According to a recent survey conducted by Visa, 56% of young people between the ages of 18 and 34 indicated 3D printing as a future career path.

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