Thai Exchange

The most wonderful school I’ve ever seen. Amazing facilities in a historic building. Wonderful, kind, helpful and hospitable staff. Our students are very lucky to have been invited here. Thank you very, very much.

Giovanna Zanardi Prosperi

Staff are full of initiative and encourage students to learn. Children are interested enough to ask when they don’t understand. There’s also excellent equipment, which is updated every year.

Eleonora Bernasconi

The difference between Smiling and a public school is as deep as an abyss! My daughter is becoming calmer, motivated and enthusiastic. The teachers are a step ahead. The international environment offers opportunities to deepen knowledge and make friendships, both in and outside of school.

Angelo Storari

This is definitely a school where the teaching staff are as they should be. As an educator, I’m aware of the delicate and vital role of teaching. It is one of a mission, of a vocation.

Gianna Stabellini

An excellent school where children are happy and content; they go to school with a smile. I give it 5*.