Good news from Madagascar keeps on coming!

The Nosy Be’s school solar panel system, which Smiling International School donated to, is competed and live.

Once the team found the ideal location for the batteries, they distributed the power line across the whole area where power is needed. From there, they connected the panels and adapted all the existing control units.

The builders also installed an emergency switch, which would restore connection with the national network. Furthermore, the team replaced 76 lights with LED bulbs, which has eliminated all neon lighting.

Finally, a new, temporary, power line for a boiler is in place. They plan to remove this, though, because it consumes too much electricity. In future, water will be heated by the sun, completely reducing the power consumption down to zero.

The operation was extensive. The team faced a series of setbacks, especially where a lack of materials was concerned. However, thanks to their tenacity and determination in completing the project, we are proud to announce that the new plant has reduced power consumption by 60-70%.

Even though this is already an impressive achievement, there is still a long way to go. In fact, it’s possible to decrease current power consumption even further.

It’s a good start and has changed the lives of the Sisters and students.

Sister Josephine, the entire Congregation of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart and all the children of Nosy Be School would like to thank everyone who helped to light up their school.


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